Roofing Services – Cost vs. Lifespan vs. Aesthetics?

Fifty years ago I was offering my customers two choices for asphalt shingles…(1) 2 or 3-tab shingles for new roofing applied to a prepared wood deck, or (2) interlocking shingles designed for reroofing overtop of existing shingles. Today, there are many roofing options making it difficult for homeowners to choose the best product for their home. I’ll try to shed some light on these options to help people make informed decisions:

1. Today’s most commonly used products are usually the most cost-effective. Fibreglass/asphalt shingles cost $2-3 per sq. ft. (installed) and last up to 50 years;

2. Wood products (Cedar or Pine) normally cost $5-10 per sq. ft. installed, and last from 15-30 years.

3. Metal products cost approximately $6-12 per sq. ft., and have similar lifetime warranties to the fibreglass/asphalt shingle;

4. Concrete tiles and/or slate tiles cost approximately $5-12 per sq. ft., and last from 30-50 years. Composition products are fairly new in the market; their cost varies widely, and their life expectancy is still unproven.

How, then should a homeowner choose their roofing services and roofing products? For the majority of us, the budget is a large factor; however, aesthetics is also an important consideration: • Concrete or slate, for a European look; • Wood for the classic ‘country’ look;• Innovative metal products are designed to simulate wood or tile look. Homes in heavy snowfall areas may benefit from metal’s ‘snow- shedding’ capabilities.

Homeowners have to filter out ‘sales pitches’ that suggest that a particular product is impervious to extreme weather, or offers impressive insulation benefits. In fact, heavy hail, strong winds, and/or extreme water and/or ice-damming can damage virtually any roofing product under the right conditions. With the exception of ‘Flat Roofing’ which often has to have insulation built into the roof design, normally, the products discussed do not provide significant insulation benefits; therefore, insulation should not be a factor in choosing them.

When choosing a roofing Service/product, one must consider the cost vs. lifespan vs. aesthetics for a wise choice

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