DAVID SWARTZENBERGER is the founder/manager of The ARC Trades Centre. This is an Association of BBB Accredited Contractors working to protect customer’s interests by providing an Independent Inspection Report on any contract over $5,000 if a customer has any workmanship issues.

The ARC Gives Consumers Added Protection!

Contractor’s installers are less likely to take material/labour short-cuts when they know their work may be inspected.

“I hired a lot of tradespeople over the past 4 years thinking that I would save money. What a mistake! Most of the tradespeople that I hired talked like they knew what they were doing but what a nightmare.

Not one of them worked to code! The demolition crew moved a structural post and the roof caved in. The furnace guy drilled a 6" hole in a support beam to put a duct through. The electrician left halfway through the job and didn’t come back. The painter quoted a low hourly wage and then brought family members who took forever to do something. The staircase guy built a railing with too much space between spindles, and the deck guy built horizontal railings that acted more like a ladder than a railing and certainly not to code!

Honestly, a total nightmare that almost cost me my marriage! I’ve known the founder of ARC Trades for many years and he has always been a reputable contractor. Hire ARC Trades and save yourself numerous headaches and a lot of money!"
Peter S. Homeowner in Mayfair, South Calgary

WE INVITE YOU TO A WEEKEND VEGAS HOLIDAY WITH $1,000 SPENDING CASH! You’ll leave Friday evening, and be on the flight back home Sunday Night . . . Flight, Hotel, Food and Drinks Paid By The ARC Trade Centre Plus $1,000 Spending Cash!!!


Trips Cost $5,000, and contractors pay $10 each time they enter a customer’s name into a draw. Winners are promoted on Social Media after being informed of their win.